Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Week Thirteen-Fifteen

These photo's a about a couple weeks old.. tut tut me.

So, here are the updates...

Courgette plants here thriving. They are much bigger again in only the last few weeks.

Close up of the flowers, and growing courgettes!

The leeks were finally planted into a planter and have been much happier for it. And, in the last couple of days seem much bigger again.

These Sprout plants which were planted just before we went to France -beginning of June - are flourishing, doing much better than the sprouts planted way back!

Extreme close up!

The New Plantings.

The mixed lettuce is coming along great. Should be on our salad plate soon.

The rocket has been slower, and was lunch for slugs, but hopefully will rally.

These are the gourds. They are doing ok. These have been transferred to larger containers, but don't seem to be going wild, just yet. We'll see...


Had thought that below was powdery mildew, but research has suggested that no, its a natural mottling of courgette plants. What is not good though is a very nasty attack on a couple of the plants, which looks like Yellow Mosaic Disease. (Yet again, photo to follow)So, far this hasn't affect the crop, but we'll wait and see... it is caused by aphids, mostly White Fly. Must kill white fly!!!

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