Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Week Thirteen-Fifteen

These photo's a about a couple weeks old.. tut tut me.

So, here are the updates...

Courgette plants here thriving. They are much bigger again in only the last few weeks.

Close up of the flowers, and growing courgettes!

The leeks were finally planted into a planter and have been much happier for it. And, in the last couple of days seem much bigger again.

These Sprout plants which were planted just before we went to France -beginning of June - are flourishing, doing much better than the sprouts planted way back!

Extreme close up!

The New Plantings.

The mixed lettuce is coming along great. Should be on our salad plate soon.

The rocket has been slower, and was lunch for slugs, but hopefully will rally.

These are the gourds. They are doing ok. These have been transferred to larger containers, but don't seem to be going wild, just yet. We'll see...


Had thought that below was powdery mildew, but research has suggested that no, its a natural mottling of courgette plants. What is not good though is a very nasty attack on a couple of the plants, which looks like Yellow Mosaic Disease. (Yet again, photo to follow)So, far this hasn't affect the crop, but we'll wait and see... it is caused by aphids, mostly White Fly. Must kill white fly!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Week Eight

Yes, we've been away a while - but there has been lots of progress. The courgettes are growing good-o and everything else is doing well. The sprouts are a little slow, but we have one or two growers. They appear to prefer the north facing kitchen to the south facing hall window.

Our biggest sprout plant.

Our most impressive courgette plant.

The transferred sprout plants - a bit small, and as you can see below a few withered leaves. They looked a little sun burnt from the front of house window sill. We'll see how they go..

Inside Leeks versus Outside Leeks... the inside guys are doing much better, but will have to go outside soon ... it'll be interesting to see what happens then...

The lettuce needed thinning. No matter how careful we were, tons of seeds got into each hole. Below are our final efforts. Not sure we've left enough space between them, but we'll find out soon enough.

A few new additions - even though its getting a little late in the season to be planting...

Pumpkins, rocket and mystery lettuce.

Chives and a new sowing of Brussels Sprouts.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Week Two Growth

Our Sprouts have sprouted! Apparently these little wisps will be Grand big Brussels sprout plants by November. I can't wait :)

These are our courgette plants. Only one week ago these were seeds! I think they have a baby bird type quality to them, begging for food :)

These are out leeks... nowt happening :( I did bring four in, popped them in a propagator to see what would happen. One of those has begun to sprout, so we'll see... I'll give them a few more days, then bring them in for some tlc.

Lastly, our lettuce. We did two drills, but strangely, only one has seen fit to come up. Also, they appear to be sown very close together - we'll have to do some serious thinning asap.

A close up.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Week Two

We have shoots!


No sign from our leeks yet. (Thought this may have been influenced by the extra unauthorised watering they got from Harry.)

Still and all, its only been a week and everything is going great gusto.

Pictures to follow tomorrow.

Sprouts - propagator v no propagator wk1

Sprouts. Week One

  1. brought inside (on advice from one website.)
  2. put majority in propagator
  3. left two outside propagator, but inside house.
  1. propagated sprout seedlings sprouting
  2. non-propagated - nothing.
  1. propagate sprout seedlings!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Week One

The Great Experiment begins.

We have planted a few different types of veg (Leeks, Brussels sprouts, lettuce and courgettes - and if we ever find the pumpkin seeds, them too). We're not too confident that anything much will grow! But you never know! We've no knowledge and even less experience. We're going to keep track of our progress here. A tip I read somewhere was to keep a notebook so you'll learn as you go along. Well, this blog will be our notebook.

Day One: Planting.

Courgettes in their propagator. Currently on the windowsill.

Leeks and Sprouts. (We'll work out later where to plant them if they grow...)

Lettuce. (Little Gem.)

The sprouts again...

Veggie home for now.

Will check back in once (if) we have shoots!