Thursday, April 9, 2009

Week Two Growth

Our Sprouts have sprouted! Apparently these little wisps will be Grand big Brussels sprout plants by November. I can't wait :)

These are our courgette plants. Only one week ago these were seeds! I think they have a baby bird type quality to them, begging for food :)

These are out leeks... nowt happening :( I did bring four in, popped them in a propagator to see what would happen. One of those has begun to sprout, so we'll see... I'll give them a few more days, then bring them in for some tlc.

Lastly, our lettuce. We did two drills, but strangely, only one has seen fit to come up. Also, they appear to be sown very close together - we'll have to do some serious thinning asap.

A close up.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Week Two

We have shoots!


No sign from our leeks yet. (Thought this may have been influenced by the extra unauthorised watering they got from Harry.)

Still and all, its only been a week and everything is going great gusto.

Pictures to follow tomorrow.

Sprouts - propagator v no propagator wk1

Sprouts. Week One

  1. brought inside (on advice from one website.)
  2. put majority in propagator
  3. left two outside propagator, but inside house.
  1. propagated sprout seedlings sprouting
  2. non-propagated - nothing.
  1. propagate sprout seedlings!